P.T. ICONO USA (V.English)

ICONO, the thematic newsletter brings topics to the tourist; and has chosen The United States of North America as its first destination. Aware of the evolutions of the 21st Century, travelers behave in a different way from last.

Our intention is to reach the “AAA” tourism that travels, with pleasure and in many cases with luxury, all over the World and that we can bring into the USA. From statistics, we know that Mexican travelers invest in things that satisfy their own needs. Impulsive buyer who loves to buy specialized products, cloths, accessories, hi-tech gadgets, that for the simple fact of buying in the USA, gives them a great satisfaction.

Each destination offers to the visitors: huge malls and outlets, L.A. red carpet events, NY’s skyscrapers, and much more. From Miami Beach shores to California’s Golden Coast without forgetting night life in Broadway or Vegas’ shows, the USA has a lot to share.

We intend to use U.S. Federal Goverment resources in conjuction with regional and state tourism offices. Our organization initially introduces the program at a national level in Mexico in print form, digital and in social networking sites along with offering a brochure distributed in sites that reach potential travelers. In a 19 page brochure: include 9 “editoriales” that contain four different sections, four pages that show locations, phone numbers, call centers, so that the travel may contact and find information regarding how to make reservations. (can also be used to contact important international operators)

For more information, please contact: 

The next information is about MEXICO CITIZEN´S and Location.


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