ICONO Concept


ICONO is an integrated approach on several concepts

In our printed version:

  • We are a tabloid inspired by the Spanish newspaper ABC
  • Four sections are due to the vision of Jorge Alvarez del Castillo in Guadalajara Reporter
  • Two full notes per page editorial experience in Jorge Zepeda Patterson “Siglo XXI” 20 years ago
  • The contents of the 1st circle of power in Mexico come from the school of Ramón Alberto Garza at Indigo Media
  • The distribution and circulation markets now require advertisers, they will live their TARGET detail emanating from a server ALVARO LOPEZ

In the online version:

  • Sum of technologies, a value-added project
  • Newsletters Direct Call by linking to the online version, supported schemes in databases specific emails.
  • Similarity in the printed image + technology that allows “Broadband” a multimedia links that make the whole concept note Entertainment.
  • Annex Publishing and virtual news desk, which encourages interaction from readers, surfers, visitors, onlookers and audiences today … “They are users.”
  • Strengthening the editorial structure technology, versatility and user-friendly operation.
  • Our proposals are printed special projects socialization. Today there are many stops and populations where access to a print edition is irreplaceable. We exemplify with different editions: BRT, political campaigns, PROPOSED PLACEMENT CREDITS, Investor Information, tourist routes, etc …

Today we offer complete editions of information that allow readers, audiences and the general public to access the same information in traditional systems, without neglecting time new technology schemes.

  • “It amounts to an EXTRA edition Publisher that prints the number of copies you need and that distributes or delivers where it is needed, without being accused in any traditional rotary”
  • Our editions are standard: European Tabloid Size 25.5 x 35 cm color selection, 24 pages and 4 editorial sections. For editions of more sections or more pages must quote separately.
  • We have the ability to circulate copies in corners, or door to door as applicable. Our coverage is national in Mexico may be present in the 32 states of Mexico.
  • Editorials are written by our team of journalists and special guests to talk about their products and services contexts, images are often provided by the same sponsors and testimonials are the result of a comprehensive editorial.

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